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We are located near Grand Junction in Palisade, Colorado, on the gorgeous Western-Slope area of Colorado, just about four hours from Denver, CO. Our Newfoundland dogs come from beautiful generations of AKC registered, health tested bloodlines with great temperaments and lovely conformation. Our Newfoundland puppies for sale come from American as well as European imported bloodlines, producing both pet and show quality puppies, some of which come from an impressive pedigree loaded with champions.

A Newfoundland breeder very dedicated to breeding for a loving temperament, gentle disposition, good health and the traditional Newfoundland color & conformation.

Our Newfoundland Puppies Are Family

The Newfoundland breed has captured our hearts, to us there is nothing like a newfie. We are very passionate about our newfs and it brings us great joy knowing that we are carefully placing our newfie puppies in forever homes that love the Newfoundland breed the way that we do. We greatly appreciate the care and the time that our newfie puppy parents take in selecting a Newfoundland breeder. We pour our hearts and souls into what we do and strive to be a truly responsible & reputable breeder who is breeding to better the Newfoundland breed by carefully selecting our adult breeding dogs.

We have always cherished the Newfoundland breed, in 2010 we decided to start a small breeding program.  We could not ask for a better breed to raise our children with, we have never once questioned the attitude or intentions of one of our Newfoundlands when it comes to our children. We have six daughters who can usually be found in the puppy nursery, memorizing the individual markings and teaching the puppies their names if they have one or giving them a temporary name if they do not yet have one.

There is not a single growth monument that goes unnoticed, from the time the puppies are born, open their eyes, become steady on their legs, let out the first bark and playful growl, there is someone in our household who is there to smile and share the moment. The kids thoroughly enjoy assisting during the whelping and are involved with the emotional development of the puppies from the time they are born, it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our Newfoundland puppies come from AKC Registered parents and are handled daily from birth making them well socialized having been exposed to a normal family life with children. All of our puppies are born in the comfort of our home, this gives us the ability to ensure proper supervision and confidence that all of their needs are provided for at all times. We offer black, brown, and black/white (Landseer). Because we breed with health as a priority we are very confident in the health of our bloodlines and are able to offer a 3 Year Health & Genetic Guarantee on all of our Newfoundland puppies for sale.

Pictures and information on each of the parents can be found on the male Newfoundland and female Newfoundlands pages of this website. We created a page for our puppy parents to share how happy they are and what their experience with Moore Newfies was like, please visit our Testimonials and Referrals page to read all about it. We take great pride in being a responsible and reputable Newfoundland breeder and we appreciate that our puppy parents have taken time to share their experience with others. For more information on the Newfoundland breed, please visit our Newfoundland Breed Information page, there is also more information on the Helpful Resources page.
All of our available Newfoundland puppies for sale can be found on our Available Newfoundland Puppies page. We add pictures to our Puppy Gallery page as we have time, enjoy the view!

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